Hooray for Peppa Pig


Hooray hurrah for Peppa Pig.  The announcement that the creators withdrew Peppa from endorsing the Government’s launch of their kids Surestart programme was, frankly, music to my ears.

Peppa Pig has always been dear to my heart and the fact that the makers of this genius series have made this decision has only made me a bigger fan.

You see, Peppa Pig is a big part of our family. In fact, I’d go as far to say that Peppa is the best childminder we have.  The Little One has a Peppa Pig DVD which she quietly giggles through, watching all the episodes back-to-back.  I don’t think any of the Big One’s homework, or the Middle One’s piano practise would ever get done if it wasn’t for Peppa.

And I have no qualms about indoctrinating my child with Peppa Pig episodes.  They are brilliantly written and very, very funny.  Unlike most kids programmes they only improve the more you watch them and now Emlyn does a brilliant impression of the inept Daddy Pig, which has us all in stitches.

Anyway, the fact that Peppa Pig along with Lily Allen have refused to be aligned with the Labour Party is important.  Thank God some people are seeing sense because this election has become far too Americanized for my liking.

When I was a kid, it was completely taboo for anyone to ask a grown up how they’d voted.  I clearly remember that my parents never even told each other which box they’d crossed.  It was their private, democratic right to vote as they chose.  I clearly remember the gravitas this gave the voting process and the importance of keeping schtum about your political bent.  For good reason.

But now, people all over the place are discussing how they’re going to vote.  It’s all wrong.

And only made worse, because the political parties are craving cleb endorsements.  Yet I think that any celebrity who aligns themselves with one political party puts their own popularity on the line, which is not wise in these fickle times.

Take Eddie Izzard, for example.  He’s completely off my Christmas card list.  I think SO much less of him for opening his big mouth and shouting about Labour.  It’s completely put me off him.  (Mind you, I was off him before.  His last tour was abysmal.  Maybe he’s going into politics to get more material.  God  knows, he needs to.)

I got door-stepped by our local Green Party this week.  Top marks for coming to talk to me, I say, but I suspect they knocked on my door as my recycling was out and they saw the huge quantity of bottles.

I listened attentively to what the bloke had to say and then he asked me how I was planning to vote.  I was rather taken aback.  It was like being asked my age. (Really not appropriate as last week’s marathon has aged me by a good ten years).

‘Mind yer own business,’ I wanted so say, but uncomfortably admitted that I might go Conservative.  At which point he started pleading for me not to.  I wish I hadn’t told him.  It was embarrassing.

So from now on, I’m with Mummy Pig.  I’m keeping quiet and staying neutral.


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  1. Sarz

    I agree. Keep schtum. I was totally aghast today. Pick up time at school I was bombarded by a load of staunch labour supporters trying to force bright red balloons into the hands of rushing mummy’s arms….Vote Labour the balloons proudly stated.. It was all so awkward. Is that even LEGAL? Can they do that? Hassle unsuspecting Mummy’s??!! I refused a balloon. Apart from anything else I had enough baggage to carry!!.Anyway I loathe balloons at the best of times and I know they are not eco friendly. What will the green party dish out?? My husband can pick from school until the election is over…it’s all a bit much I say. Loving your blogs. Brilliant and WE all LOVE Peppa pig too!!

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