‘A Twist Of Fate’ is out now!

It’s August, and ‘A Twist Of Fate’ my latest novel hits the shelves.  Hooray.  I’m very excited that it’s finally out.  That said, it’s always a bit strange around the time of publication, as there’s a big build-up and then nothing actually happens.  It feels like one of my babies is starting school and I can’t help pacing anxiously, waiting to hear news – whether someone’s spotted someone buying a copy in Asda, or if there’s been a nice review, or, most importantly, if anyone’s actually reading it.


Fortunately, publication week has started off well with a fabulous 5 star review in Heat.  This is what they had to say:


‘It’s 1971, and in a snowy forest two baby girls are handed over to East German gangsters.  One is sent to an orphanage on the Polish border where she can be certain of hard work, hunger and abuse; the other is sold to a moneyed American couple and destined for a life of mega-privelege in the West.  For more than 40 years, their paths cross without either one ever knowing the truth about their start in life.


It’s perfect beach-bag fodder, with drama on just about every page.  As the girls grow up, they face and endless stream of betrayals and tragedies, and even the occasional good day. It’s classic Jackie Collins territory, by which we mean it’s freakin’ ace.  Evil stepbrothers!  Double-crossing, drug-dealing hookers!  Secret babies!  Yachts!  Blackmail!  It’s got the lot.


Pack it in your hand luggage and expect to spend a day of your summer hols reading…and refusing all food, drink and conversation.’


Even better, my fabulous publishers, Macmillan have hooked up with Champneys for an amazing promotion, where you can win a luxury two night spa break, with loads of treatments in a Champneys resort.


Plus, there’s loads of samplers available in Champneys spas and resorts.  If anyone is in Brighton on 28th August, I’ll be in Champneys doing a special event at 6pm, so come along.


Here’s the details of the CHAMPNEYS COMPETITION, which I urge you to enter:



Details of my event: http://www.champneys.com/Day-Spas/Event

Click on the cover above to order or click HERE

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it.



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5 responses to “‘A Twist Of Fate’ is out now!

  1. Denis

    Jo, I have just ordered your new book. I cannot wait!!! I’m sure it’ll be up to teh very high standard of ALL your other books. Are you coming up to London for a book signing? Take care and good luck with ‘A Twist Of Fate’

  2. Jo, I found this book to be completely amazing. There were so many OMG moments and I nearly found myself shouting at the book at times! I could not put it down and I hope that everyone who reads it feels the same. I wish you the best of luck with this incredible book! Kim xxx

  3. Congratulations! May you sell millions!

  4. Carla Cascão

    Dear Joanna Rees,I must confess that I never heard you before,until on last couple weeks,that books were on sales and I bought several ones,and one of them was yours…I took Two days to read it,I cannot stop to read!Fortunately I was on holidays!Amazing story;I must tell you!Your writing transport me for moments to cinema,seeing a wonderful film! You won a new reader!
    Take care!
    Regards from Portugal
    Carla Cascão

    • Thank you so much Carla for your lovely message. That has made my day! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed ‘The Girl From Lace Island’ and that you had a good holiday. I’m so glad you got in touch. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Kind regards, Jo x

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