So here we are again – publication week.  It´s always a terrifying time for an author and after so many books, it never gets any easier, I can tell you. Which is why it´s so fabulous to get my first review.  This one from the lovely Laura Lockington.


Oh my goodness! This has to be the perfect beach read. Sophisticated, glamorous, romantic and gripping. And with a rather beautiful cover that you won’t mind being seen with. There are two women, decades apart, their lives tangled with love and betrayal that are unknowingly linked through a tiny exotic island off the coast of India. In 1989, Leila who has known nothing but happiness on Lace Island, helping her mother keep her high flying glamorous guests happy is sent to boarding school in cold grey England. That’s when her troubles really start. Then, in 2016 we meet Jess who dreams of far off places and keeps a tattered poster on her wall of a beach with white sand, blue seas and palm trees. After the death of her best friend she finally gets her dream job as cabin crew, perhaps taking her to those places that she has only ever seen in pictures before. But then she meets the seemingly perfect Blaise, who captures her heart in a whirlwind relationship that catapults her into the world of the unscrupulous super rich. The two women meet up years later under extraordinary circumstances. I defy anyone not to enjoy this epic tale; it will have you reaching for your cold drink under the sun umbrella and slathering suntan lotion on whilst turning the pages. This is a big hearted book that leaves you walking on sunshine.

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  1. Rebecca instance

    Hi Joanna
    I have just finished reading the girl on lace island and I just had to message you to say how amazing it was. My daughter is 3 nearly 4 and since she has been born I haven’t managed to pick up many books. Ever since I was a little girl I liked nothing better than cosying up with a good book. I’d like nothing better but since ruby arrived I lost that part of me …I wanted to thank you for writing something so amazing that I couldn’t put it down I couldn’t wait to get to the end but also was saddened that it ended …it’s a book that will stay with me for a long time. So thank you x I’m now going to read some of your other titles xx

  2. Hi Rebecca – I cannot tell you how much your sweet message has made my day. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to write to me. I’m thrilled to hear that you enjoyed ‘The Girl From Lace Island’. As a writer, my whole aim is to write a book that transports my readers away, so I’m so chuffed to get your feedback. I’m currently working on my next book, ‘Behind The Hourglass’ which is set in the 1920’s so I’m channeling my inner flapper girl! That’ll be out early 2018 but next year, my Jo Rees titles, Platinum and Forbidden Pleasures are being re-released as Joanna Rees books, so look out for them. I’m a bit rubbish at updating my blog, but I’ll keep you posted. Have a lovely day with your daughter. I have three girls and I remember 3-4 just being so delightful an age. Enjoy it. It goes in a blink, believe me! Thank you again – love Jo xx

  3. Eva Dsouza

    Hi Joanna,
    I just completed reading your book ‘The Girl from Lace Island’ and I admit it is an absolutely lovely book. I have read many books in the past but your book stands out among the others. I was thrilled to pick this book from the Library because of its unique name and the back story gist.I currently live in London and just moved here recently from India.I am so waiting to back to India and visit Kerala 🙂 You have done a really great job. I couldn’t put my book down and kept reading it till i finished the whole book. Thank you so much for such a brilliant story and the fabulous style of writing,that i was forced to find your website and write this review 🙂
    I look forward to read other books written by you. Good luck 🙂
    Love Eva :*

    • Thank you, Eva for your lovely message. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed ‘The Girl From Lace Island’. I had lots of fun writing it. I’m just finishing off my new book which is called ‘Behind The Hourglass’ and is set in the 1920’s, so a bit of a change, but similar to my other books. It’ll be out next year. In the meantime, if you’re after some holiday reading, I have two Joanna Rees books out this summer. They are re-releases, but will be out in July. The first is ‘The Tides of Change’ and the second is ‘In The Shade Of The Blossom Tree’. I do hope you get back to Kerala – I’d go back in a heartbeat. I loved it there. But enjoy London in the spring. There’s nowhere better. Thank you again for getting in touch – your feedback is so wonderful. With love, Joanna xx

  4. Hi Joanna I am Senior from New Zealand and also picked up The Girl from Lace Island from the library. I have been unwell and recovering so was grateful to lose myself in this amazing story Very well written and hard to put down, you wove the intrigue so cleverly but brought it to an amazing climax, my mission tomorrow will be to order your other releases.Very well done and many thanks- Kay from Southland

    • Hi Kay – thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. That has totally made my day. I’m just finishing my new book – which won’t be out for a while, but look out for the others – The Tides of Change and In The Shade Of The Blossom Tree were originally published as Jo Rees books, but now my publisher has brought them out as Joanna Rees titles. I’m finally getting there on a unified look for my books! Anyway, I wish you well and hope you’re recovered. I’m thrilled you enjoyed the read and it provided a bit of escapism. Makes it all worthwhile. Very best wishes from Brighton, Joanna xx

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