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Oh my goodness! This has to be the perfect beach read. Sophisticated, glamorous, romantic and gripping. And with a rather beautiful cover that you won’t mind being seen with.This is a big hearted book that leaves you walking on sunshine.

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‘If you like losing yourself in epic tales by the likes of Penny Vincenzi and Lesley Pearse,  you’ll love this’ Woman

‘A riveting rollercoaster of a tale, full of intrigue, high-stakes drama and compelling characters that will keep you hooked from beginning to end’ Hello!


‘A drama on just about every page…it’s freakin’ ace’  Heat

‘A gripping tale’ Glamour

‘A Twist of Fate is an epic page-turner. It takes you to the height of opulence and the depths of despair, and shows that growing into a life of privilege doesn’t by any means guarantee happiness. Joanna Rees combines some very hard subject matters with wonderful love stories, spectacular locations and an incredible cast of characters’

REVIEWS FOR WE’RE GOING ON A BAR HUNT by Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees

This is the new Go the F**k to Sleep, guaranteed to make you chuckle if you’ve managed to go through the rigmarole of organising a babysitter and a night out only to regret it the next day. (Best)

. . . a parody that will draw a smile from any parent. (The Guardian)

This is the genius work of Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees, a couple who turned their rare date night into such a funny parody of classic kids’ book, We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, it’s become a bestseller. Easy to sing, hilarious and slightly naughty – what’s wrong with celebrating British pub culture in a cute, innocent way? (Sunday Mirror)

I killed myself laughing at this book till the kids went to sleep. Then I went out. (Jenny Colgan)

Expect parenting LOLs galore. (Mother&Baby)

A genius idea and very funny. I’m buying this for everyone I know with kids. (Ben Hatch)

This parody of We’re Going On A Bear Hunt Might Be The Best Book Title Ever. Yes, We’re Going On A Bar Hunt might just be this year’s must-have Christmas gift for all parents of young children. (

It’s very funny. If you’re a parent who’s ever attempted to leave the house after having kids then this is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. (Sonny and Luca blog)

Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees’ parody together with Gillian Johnson’s fabulous illustrations make for a perfect book summing up the trials and tribulations of a rare night out for parents . . . leave it around for the babysitter to read and she might be a bit more understanding when you stagger in pretending to be sober! (Parenting Without Tears blog)

“Will raise a knowing smile in any parents of youngish children. A gentle send-up of Michael Rosen’s children’s classic – except here the bear is transformed in to the sort of man you don’t necessarily want to bump into on a night out.” The Daily Telegraph


Reviews for PLATINUM  by Jo Rees

“Packed with hot men, hotter sex, designer labels and oodles of scandal. Heaven sent for sunbathing.”  Heat

“This is a blue-chip, classic bonkbuster and it makes contemporary chick-lit look down at heel. Platinum has all the branding and excess that we expect from page-turners of the Eighties and Nineties but the evil Ruskie storyline and the machinations of the world’s super-rich gives it a thoroughly modern twist. It’s geniunely exciting, extremely well crafted and long enough to be perfect beach reading.” Daily Express

“This year’s mega bonk-buster…a tale of bed-hopping, intrigue and rivalry in the world of the uber-glamorous.” Easy Living

“Addictive” Metro – Interview and Review – Review

One response to “Reviews and Press

  1. Laura Williams

    Platinum is incredible, funny, passionate the best books I have read in years.

    Jo Rees is such a talented Author I can’t wait for Forbidden Pleasures!!!

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